Radiation Oncology

The South Bay Cancer Center Provides Sophisticated, Advanced Radiation Treatment Including:

External Beam Radiation Therapy

  • IMRT-Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
  • IGRT-Image-Guided Radiation Therapy
  • 3-D Conformal Therapy
  • Electron Beam Therapy

At the South Bay Cancer Center, we use the most up-to-date external beam and imaging technology, including MRI and PET-fusion, to precisely deliver radiation to the cancerous tissue while sparing normal healthy tissue.

Stereotatic Radiosurgery-Radiotherapy

  • SBRT-Stereotatic Body Radiation
  • SRS-Stereotatic Radiosurgery

Stereotatic Radiosurgery delivers high doses of radiation with pinpoint accuracy to tumors near or in critical structures such as the brain and spinal cord.


  • HDR-High Dose Rate Brachytherapy
  • Partial Breast Irradiation
  • Gynecological Implants

In brachytherapy, a high intensity radiation source is implanted directly into the cancerous tissue, killing it from the inside out.

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