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South Bay Cancer Center wants to make it as easy as possible for you to come in, get consulted and start your treatments. This way we can help you to get through this process ultimately move on with your life.

Why Choose SBCC

South Bay Cancer Center is a local radiation therapy center providing all the latest technology. We specialize in radiation therapy so we can focus all our attention on treating your disease. We have the unique ability to give you the personal touch that larger centers may not be able to offer.

The easiest way to find out more is to call us anytime:


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Step 1 - Scheduling an appointment

You can schedule an appointment by calling us anytime at (310) 978-4970. We accept all major medical insurances. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about coverage.

Step 2 - Preparing for your visit

When you come in for your first appointment, bring in all your test results and insurance information. We will take care of the rest.

Step 3 - Discuss your options with a Radiation Oncologist

We will put you in touch with our physician right away to discuss your options for treatment. You will have many decisions to make so a one on one conversation with our staff is important to start you down the correct path to a cure.

Step 4 – Treatment Planning

The process starts with a CT scan of the area to be treated. Your Physician will contour important structures that need to be treated and also identify structures we want to limit radiation dose to. We normally take 3-5 days to plan a course prior to the start of your treatments.

Step 5 – Daily Treatments

Once your treatments are ready to begin, they happen Monday – Friday at the same time everyday. We will do our best to accommodate your daily treatment times. It is very important to make everyone one of your appointments to insure the best outcomes.

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